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Costa Rica Nights Pueblo Antiguo

Enjoy the Costa Rican nights  tour at Pueblo Antiguo
Rate: $ 55 per person
Include transfer entrance to the shows and dinner
Set in the recreated San José at the turn of the century, the show  “Noches Costarricenses “  (Costa Rican Nights ) at “ Pueblo Antiguo “ offers guests a cultural tour and dinner show full of Costa Rican Traditions The show takes place three times a week (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday ) and provide both an educational and entertaining experience.
Guest begin their evening   at the main gate of 2 Pueblo Antiguo “ and may arrive in an old fashioned, typically decorated bus called “ La Percherona “ They then receive a welcome cocktail prepared with “guaro “  traditional sugar cane spirit, while they are introduce to their hosts, actors dressed as campesinos  ( Costa Rican Farmers ) . After a short fireworks display, guest enter  the Old Firehouse Theater to enjoy the performance, which  has been called “full a life “ and a  “tremendous  spectacle “ by previous guests wich have enjoyed the tour.
The bilingual show features a live band and dancing while sharing with the audience the diverse scenes of Costa Rican life, traditions, and history. This is truly “superextraticopuravida “ a superlative example of the “pura  vida “  ( pure life ) of Costa Rica.
Once the show is finished guest feast on a buffet of typical Costa Rican food in the Restaurante “ El Ventolero “. Guest always pr aise the food and service. Live marimba music keeps   everybody´s spirits high to continue with the second part of the show!
The tour continues with live scenes of Costa Rican traditions  throughout “ Pueblo Antiguo “ For example guest learn about oxcart  paintings and their role  in farmer´s live, or about the retreat where  young  men and women meet every evening for romantic moments in the Central Park.
We welcome you to Pueblo Antiguo to share our Costa Rican traditions. Our guest tell us it is an experience to recommend to friends, customers, and all who visit Costa Rica

Tropical Bungee
Rate $ 65 per person
Include transfer, video, and certificated
Tropical bungee’s bridge is located just 45 minutes west of San José. Established  in 1991 , Tropical Bungee is the first bungee jumping company in Latin  America, Colorado River Bridge was built in 1918 and was part of the path to Puntarenas, it has now become the Main attraction in El ROSARIO. It is also one of the few and one of the highest bungee bridges in the world , with a height of 265 ft  (80 m ) it is in everyone´s checklist of things to do at least once in a lifetime.
There is not climbing stairs or hiking out of a canyon, Our hoisting system takes care of  all  the work. With an   impeccable safety record, Tropical bungee uses only the best certified equipment and trained bilingual jump-masters Tropical Bungee is also a NABA certified cord builder. We incorporate a spectra webbing backup system to all our cords. Our clients safety is priceless.  We offer departures from San José at 8 am and a 1 pm. Our Bungee Bus picks you up at your hotel (within the San José hub ). The tour takes half a day. The   bungee jumping experience takes about 7 minutes. Upon arrival, your jump – master will provide you with brief instructions about   the jump and the retrieval system.
Once  you are ready to jump we count down  and you will feel the most incredible sensations. After your jump we use a winch to bring you back up to the bridge.
No climbing steps or hiking   out ,  just pure enjoyment !  there   is no  age limit for jumping. Bungee jumping is not advised for people with chronic back or neck  problems ,  heart condition, asthma, suffers, or pregnant women


Friday January 30, 2015